Red Deer County Farms

Red Deer County Farms

Red Deer County is home to a variety of enterprising agricultural businesses.

Bold Equine near Penhold is a full range Equestrian Centre, offering boarding, training, clinics, and events. Bold Equine offers both English and Western disciplines of training.

Belvin Angus Ranch is operated by the Hamilton Family near Bowden. They raise 300 purebred cows, and specialize in purebred angus bulls, selling about 70 per year. The Hamilton Family also grows feed, silage, grain, hay, wheat, barley, and canola on 1700 acres.

Red Shed Malting is operated by the Hamill Family near Penhold. This is an award winning malt house that supplies craft brewers throughout Alberta. The Hamill Family also grows wheat, barley, and canola on 2100 acres.

Wendon Holsteins is operated by the Chalack Family near Bowden. They milk 70 cows using robotic milkers and stalls, producing 53,000 litres every 2 days. The Chalack Family has 100 head of breeding stock and 20 commercial beef cows.

The Kaun Family Farm operates near Penhold, and grows a rotation of wheat, barley, and clubroot resistant canola. This farm has been participating in a 3 year project to evaluate precision farming, which uses the latest equipment software to collect data and generate yield maps.

The Spruit Family Farm operates near Springbrook, raising 5600 pigs at various stages from farrow to a wean weight of 50 pounds. This operation features electronic feeders and a feed mill that builds prescription blends for each hog type. Spruit Farms also produces unique Beltie cows.

Bluegrass Sod, Nursery, and Garden Centre operates near Red Deer. This operation includes a 1400 acre sod farm, an innovative greenhouse, commercial landscaping, and a tree nursery.

Woodland Crest Farms is operated by the Bystrom family near Sylvan Lake, growing hemp for seed and the food market as nutrient-rich raw shelled hemp hearts. The Bystrom family grows about 1000 pounds per acre.

Antler Valley Farm is operated by the McAllister family near Penhold, growing 4000 acres of wheat, barley, and canola. This farm uses state-of-the-art GPS and drone technology, and often provides grain to the local brewing industry.

Beck Farms is operated by the Bradshaw family near Innisfail, growing and packaging high quality carrots, beets, parsnips, peppers, cauliflower, and more. Beck Farms is part of the Innisfail Growers, who work as a team to market their produce.

Red Deer County Farms