Firewood For Sale | Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge | FREE Delivery

Firewood For Sale | Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge | FREE Delivery

Firewood is a hot business, and there’s nobody hotter than KW Firewood when it comes to supplying wood for your home this winter. FREE delivery in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge! Call or text 519-577-5557 today!

There are few things in life more satisfying than the feeling you get after you load your fireplace or stove with firewood and kick back and enjoy the beautiful sight and sounds as the aroma of burning wood fills your home. It brings people together, lends warmth and nourishment to your family, and provides a cozy spot for your pet to stretch out and take a nap on a chilly afternoon.

Harvested and used as fuel for centuries, tree wood is a renewable resource and the most natural source of energy and an environmentally friendly way to heat your home. In fact, when you heat your home using wood you do not contribute to the greenhouse effect like you do with non-renewable resources like gas, coal and oil – also known as fossil fuels. Even though for consumers fossil fuels are now standard because they’re relatively inexpensive and easier to deliver in comparison to wood, the environmental concerns are serious. Fossil fuels are carbon-based which emit carbon dioxide and other such pollutants when the fuel is burned to create energy. They are also a limited resource as the amount of fossil reserves are diminishing at an exponential rate. Wood on the other hand does not release pollutants into the atmosphere that are dangerous to our health, and can be replenished to create more energy.

We harvest only ready-to-use, dry-seasoned, long-burning hardwood that is properly stored away from moisture, which is key for efficient and proper burning. Our cords are carefully compiled using the cleanest wood free of containments, dirt and sand. Therefore preparing our cords for use won’t require too much extra work, but we should touch on a few considerations that will help you get the most from your firewood:

1. Always buy local wood. This has two advantages. First, the money stays in your local community and you get the benefit of supporting local producers and suppliers. Secondly, sometimes insects and diseases can reside inside firewood, and if you bring in infested wood from another part of the world, these infestations can spread across hundreds of kilometers, putting people, wildlife and vegetation in danger.

2. Being that our wood is already seasoned, most will already contain the recommended moisture content of less than 20%. But if you buy our wood in the summer months you may continue to store the wood outdoors to increase the sun and wind exposure. Just use a tarp or canopy to shelter the firewood from the rain.

3. When preparing your firewood for splitting, cut wood to a reasonable length. Long logs are much harder to split.

4. After the summer sun has dried your stock, bring your firewood indoors or in a specially designed wood shed for use in the winter.

5. Remember that wood fires burn in cycles, so don’t assume that you’ll also get consistent heat output from your fires.

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Firewood For Sale | Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge | FREE Delivery

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