off grid home pictou county nova scotia using solar panels and wind turbines

off grid home pictou county nova scotia all 220 volt converted to propane meaning dryer , range , and propane tankless on demand water heater.well pump is 120 volt submersable pump.propane fuel efficient furnace furnace main heat sorce is a pellet stove.a garden would complete our life style.follow up on the next video its building green new vynal recycled windos recycled new patio deck a new pitched roof and new recycled vinyl siding soon to be aired on youtube.thanks for watching until next time im reg brightman with off the grid

off grid home using solar panels pictou island nova scotia owner ray docker

off the grid pictou island nova scotia living completely off grid on an island 5 miles long by 2 miles wide.but to live there you need to make your own power as this retired couple have.only way on to the island is a boat your own or the scheduled ferry boat.the island has a post office and a school house.250 people cottage here seasonaly and 12 families live here year round.the home has all the comforts in life heated by a wood stove, satellite tv, high speed internet,propane hot water, propane range, propanedryer,and a beautiful garden.home owners ray docker and his wife corine cameron living the dream.